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Office Coffee Service in Fort McMurray, Alberta

RimFire Solutions is the one stop shop for all your breakroom needs, including office coffee services. We’ll customize a program that keeps your breakroom fully stocked, keeps your equipment clean, frees up your office manager and creates a space for employees to enjoy their break when coffee shops are too far away.

Office Coffee & Tea Service in Fort McMurray, Alberta


We offer the brands you love including: Starbucks, Tim Hortons, McCafe, Timothy’s coffee, Club Coffee and so much more!


With RimFire Solutions you’ll never be without. As experts in our field we have EVERYTHING you need to enjoy a full office coffee and tea service including: creamers, sugars, stir sticks, utensils and all paper goods.

Traditional Equipment

Regardless of your company’s size we have the right equipment available to cater to your unique coffee volume usage. Our traditional coffee equipment (pour-overs, 3 pot burners and airpots) are advanced with the latest technology and perfect for high volume locations.

Single Cup Solution

Our single-cup brewers allow everyone in the office to brew their version of a perfect cup of coffee or tea. Extra Bonus: Self-contained pods mean less mess and no burnt coffee. Place a single-cup brewer by itself or pair it with one of our traditional brewers for more variety.

Bean to Cup Solutions

Our Bean to cup solution allows your business to bring the Café Experience to your team. Employees can enjoy their favorite café coffee or cappuccino all while increasing productivity and morale. Our bean to cup program is environmentally friendlier as there is no plastic waste per cup.

For more information on our coffee and tea services call us today at (780) 598-3506 or email us at info@rimfiresolutions.ca.

Our service area includes but not limited to: Fort McMurray, Fort Mckay, HWY 881, Conklin, Marianna Lakes, Wandering River, HWY 63, Suncor Projects, Kearl Oil Sands, and Remote Camps.