Using Technology to Improve Service


Office Coffee Service in Fort McMurray, Alberta

RimFire Solutions uses the latest in vending and office coffee equipment to make sure your service is as convenient as possible. From modern coffee brewers to vending machines with SureVend technology and LED lighting we make sure our machines are green and reliable.

Office Coffee Service and Vending Machines in Fort McMurray, Alberta

In-house Technology

Our in-house wireless technology helps us determine when machines need filled and what products they need. We keep track of what your customers/employees buying patterns to maximize the benefit of our services and to make us and your office more efficient.

Advanced Payment Systems

At RimFire we understand that many customers no longer use cash for their everyday purchases. To make sure our service is convenient all of our machines are equipped with multiple payment methods including cash/debit cards and mobile pay options.

For more information on the technology RimFire Solutions uses to optimize our many services call us today at (780) 598-3506 or email us at info@rimfiresolutions.ca.

Our service area includes but not limited to: Fort McMurray, Fort Mckay, HWY 881, Conklin, Marianna Lakes, Wandering River, HWY 63, Suncor Projects, Kearl Oil Sands, and Remote Camps.